SAAB Session Slovakia 2019

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    • 18.10.2019
      • from 16.00
        Hotel pod Zámkom, welcome drink, time for registration and check-in, SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA SOIRÉE I
    • 19.10.2019
      • 07.45 - 08.30 registration
      • we are still working on details of the schedule, so far we can present the main points: Bojnice castle
    • 20.10.2019
      • schedule to be finished ...
      • 12.00 - 14.00 official farewell, hotel check-out, last chance for socializing & contact swaps
    Accomodation is not included in the registration fee and needs to be arranged by filling in the data in registration form. Due to customized offer booking is possible only through .

    The price is 32.50 € / adult / night, child under 15 with own bed 15.00 € / kid / night, kids under 6 without own bed for free. Breakfast is included.

    We have reserved rooms in Hotel pod Zámkom
    Google maps

    To register you need to fill in and submit the online registration form and pay the registration fee after receiving confirmation.

    Please fill in all the data in the form. We would be glad, if you could upload the picture of your car.

    Registrations and accomodation requests for the event need to be submitted between 29th August and 20th September 2019.
    Registration form (also for accommodation) is active on this page.
    Registration fee for SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA 2019: 25,- €/person, children under 15 for free. The payment should be made to the following account at latest on 20th September 2019:

    Poštová banka a.s. 10729460/6500, IBAN: SK7965000000000010729460, SWIFT: POBNSKBA

    Please add identification matching the participant name provided in the registration form.

    The fee covers : SAAB Session Slovakia soirée II - dinner, merchandise ...

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