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Ура! Рады сообщить, что организаторам российского фестиваля удалось договориться о проведении мероприятия 6 июля в Центральном музее ВВС Монино. Начало в 12:00!

Участие в мероприятии со взносом, который нужно внести заранее.
1000 руб. водитель и 500 руб. пассажир.
Каждый входящий на территорию должен иметь свой билет, его стоимость включена во взнос, который нужно внести заранее.
Так же водителю будет выдаваться пакет с традиционными сувенирами!
Есть возможность провести экскурсию с гидом от музея по экспозиции, примерно на 45 минут, группа 20 человек. При желании - обязательно пишите организаторам для формирования групп.

На территории будет организовано музыкальное сопровождение, зона для огненного фото своего самолёта с его старшими собратьями!) приедут фуд-трак и кофейная машина со вкусным кофе) (еда никакая не включена во взнос). Так же будет отдельное место с туалетами.

Берите все свои камеры, заряжайте телефоны - нечасто удается потусить в таком месте.

Окончание мероприятия планируется на 18.00-19.00.

Если есть какие-то вопросы - обязательно задавайте организаторам:
Официальный форум мероприятия:
Группа в VK: saabfest2019

6 июля 2019 начало в 12:00

место: Центральном музее ВВС Монино, Московская область, Щелковский район, пос. Монино, ул. Музейная, д. 1.

Evergrande Group in China has acquired 51% of the shares in NEVS AB in Sweden.

Evergrande Group is a well-known company included in the Fortune Global 500 list, with its businesses covering the cultural tourism, real estate, health and hi-tech industries.

NEVS AB was founded in 2012 by Kai Johan Jiang when he bought the bankruptcy estate after Saab Automobile. Since then he has been major owner of the company.

During the six years, NEVS has built a new car manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China, and now has started to build another one, in Shanghai, China, in addition to the one the company has in Trollhättan, Sweden.

To do this and to develop new electric vehicles and transport solutions for the future requires a lot of money. Therefore, the company has for a long time looked for new strong investors.

Today, it was announced that Evergrande Health will be the new owner, with 51% of the shares in NEVS AB to become a global leader in new energy smart travel ecology. Kai Johan Jiang, with his company, NE Holding, will have 49 % of the shares.

"I am very pleased with this. It means that NEVS will get a financial strong main owner who also is very interested in developing our vision about green mobility transport solutions for the future", says Stefan Tilk CEO at NEVS.

"This in combination with the strong drive and entrepreneurship of Kai Johan Jang paves the platform for a great possibility in achieving our goals", he adds.

Компания NEVS, которая является владельцем большей части активов шведской Saab, сменила владельца — 51% ее акций, т. е. контрольный пакет, приобрела китайская корпорация Evergrande Group.

Evergrande Group является третьей по величине строительной компанией в Китае. В автомобильном бизнесе она новичок, покупка NEVS — это второе ее предприятие в этой сфере. Ранее Evergrande стала совладельцем китайско-американского...
Better than any New Year has been and will be, Better than any joy known or to be known, Better than any wish realised or to be realised-that's how, this New Year should be for you. Have a great new year!!

Друзья, всем удачи в личной, наличной и безналичной сферах!!

As you know, the last generation BMW Z4 will have a “technological sister” in the face of the Toyota Supra, built on the Bavarian platform CLAR. What if the story went a different way? Imagine that there was no crisis of 2007–2008, General Motors did not sell Saab, and the Swedish brand is still alive. A light aviation-style roadster would be a great addition to the range of cars and crossovers. In general, what would a Saab roadster with a BMW Z4 look like if it existed?
Как известно, у последнего поколения BMW Z4 будет "технологическая сестра" в лице Toyota Supra, построенной на баварской платформе CLAR. А что если бы история пошла по иному пути? Представим себе, что кризиса 2007-2008 годов не было, General Motors не продал Saab, и шведская марка по-прежнему жива. Лёгкий имиджевый родстер в авиационном стиле стал бы отличным дополнением линейки легковушек и кроссоверов. В общем, как бы выглядел родстер Saab на базе BMW Z4, если бы он существовал?


What are the most characteristic features of the appearance of the last Saab? First of all, this is a characteristic curved windshield with hidden struts, a trapezoidal grille and horizontal elongated headlights. The back part largely echoes the front, and the sidewalls have a fairly simple form. An important feature can also be called the original rims, made with styling under the turbine blades. As for the technical part, such a Saab could get weaker row fours from GM cars and “charged” row sixs from BMW. If implemented, it would be the first rear-drive six-cylinder Saab.
Что является наиболее характерными чертами внешности последних Саабов? Прежде всего, это характерное изогнутое лобовое стекло со скрытыми стойками, трапециевидная решётка радиатора и горизонтальные вытянутые фары. Задняя часть во многом перекликается с передом, а боковины имеют достаточно простую форму. Важной чертой также можно назвать оригинальные колёсные диски, выполненные со стилизацией под...
From message in Instagram, this week, NEVS started presale in China.Here are some photos from our 6 days' exhibition in Beijing.

В одной из публикаций в Инстаграм, компания NEVS заявила о начале предродаж в Китае и представила несколько фотографий с 6 дневной выставки.

Orio introduced the app "My Saab Car" in Sweden. With the app, available for Android and iOS systems , Saab owners can store and manage all relevant data of their vehicles. Service functions, such as a video chat, can be combined with an Orio specialist if required, in order to receive quick help in case of problems or to forward it to the next contract partner. The workshop can be booked online in the future, a reminder function points to TÜV appointments, winter tire change or service intervals.

Before the release, the app has been extensively tested. A team of around 400 Swedish users was involved in the beta phase. At Orio, they are confident that they have developed an app with added value. "My Saab Car" is a big step into the present. Why should Saab drivers do without something that has long been standard on new cars? Why should the service not be digital if the vehicles stay analog? Saab Service, the relationship between Orio, its partners and customers is up to date.

Added value for the Saab owners, a strengthening of Orio contractors, and possibly high levels of acceptance, especially among young Saab drivers, could result. Could, because there is still a little uncertainty. We would have liked to test the app, but we can not. At the moment "My Saab Car" is only available for Sweden. All other markets have to wait. Whether it will come to an introduction in Germany, is not known to us at the moment.

MySaabCar - analog cars in the digital age
According to KBA, 46,719 Saabs were on the...
The Saab Session Slovakia 2018 will be in Plejsy, Slovakia October 5-7 2018.


  • 05.10.2018
    • from 16.00 Hotel Plejsy, welcome drink, time for registration and check-in, "SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA SOIRÉE I"
  • 06.10.2018
    • 07.45 - 08.30 registration. We are still working on details of the schedule, so far we can present the main points: Spiš Castle & city of Levoča "SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA SOIRÉE II"
  • 07.10.2018 schedule to be finished ...
  • 12.00 - 14.00 official farewell, hotel check-out, last chance for socializing & contact swaps
Accomodation is not included in the registration fee and needs to be arranged by filling in the data in registration form. Due to customized offer booking is possible only through .
The price is 24.00 € / adult / night, child under 15 with own bed 15.00 € / kid / night, kids without own bed for free. Breakfast is included.
We have reserved rooms in Hotel Plejsy

To register you need to fill in and submit the online registration form and pay the registration fee after receiving confirmation.
Please fill in all the data in the form. We would be glad, if you could upload the picture of your car.
Registrations and accomodation requests for the event need to be submitted between 23th August and 15th September 2018.
Registration form (also for accommodation) is...
The Saab Car Museum Festival will be in Trollhättan, Sweden June 7-9 2019.
Welcome to the Saab Car Museum and Trollhättan!

Музей СААБ в Тролльхеттене проведёт фестиваль с 7 по 9 июня 2019.
Добро пожаловать на Фестиваль и в Тролльхеттен!

Saab Car Museum
Åkerssjövägen 18
SE-461 29 Trollhättan

Phone +46 520 289 440
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